SIZE A: Height B: Width C: Sleeve
XS 25.19in / 64cm 22.04in / 56cm 24.60in / 62.5cm
S 25.98in / 66cm 22.83in / 58cm 25.39in / 64.5cm
M 26.77in / 68cm 23.62in / 60cm 26.18in / 66.5cm
L 27.55in / 70cm 24.40in / 62cm 26.96in / 68.5cm
XL 28.34in / 72cm 25.19in / 64cm 27.36in / 69.5cm
XXL 29.13in / 74cm 25.98in / 66cm 27.75in / 70.5cm
  • The measurements refer to the size of the garments, not the body, and are expressed in inches unless specified otherwise.
  • Measure the height from the seam between the neck and the shoulder to the bottom of the garment. 
  • Measure the sleeve from the neck to the end of the sleeve.